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Put quoted inline R function in your blogdown or quarto post's YAML header to have the packages be the packages used in your post (wrapper around funspotr::spot_pkgs()).


  file_path = knitr::current_input(),
  used = FALSE,
  drop_knitr = FALSE,
  yaml_bullet = NULL,



Default is the file being knitted but can change to some other file (e.g. in cases where the code for the post may reside in a different file).


Default is FALSE. If TRUE will pass to show_pkgs_used() rather than show_pkgs(). (Mainly useful for showing actual packages used rather than meta-packages being called like tidyverse or tidymodels. Also uses a more strict parsing method.


Many blogdown posts have knitr::opts_chunk$set() in them and you may not want this tag showing-up. Default is to keep this, but set to FALSE to drop "knitr" from being tagged.


Default is NULL meaning that file_path is read-in and correct format is guessed based on "spot_tags" appearance with either a hyphen or bracket (corresponding with bulleted or array format in the YAML header).

If it's first occurrence happens on a line that contains a bracket the value becomes FALSE else it becomes TRUE. If set to NULL and "spot_tags" is not detected at all in file_path it will default to FALSE. yaml_bullet can also be specified directly with either TRUE or FALSE. TRUE entails that spot_tags() is set in a YAML bullet, FALSE indicates the user is inputting it in an array (see examples below).

See examples for how to hard-code.


Any additional arguments to pass to spot_pkgs*().


Character vector in a format meant to be read while evaluating the YAML header when rendering.


  - "`r funspotr::spot_tags()`"


tags: ["`r funspotr::spot_tags()`"]


categories: ["`r funspotr::spot_tags()`"]

Thanks Yihui for the suggestions and for getting this working blogdown#647, blogdown#693.)


# To review input interactively from within rstudio you might also try:
if (FALSE) {